What is Smishing?

There are many different types of social engineering attacks. From phishing to spear-phishing, and vishing, the list keeps growing. One common type of social engineering is smishing. Smishing is a technique in which hackers use a compelling text message to trick their victims into taking an unwanted action. Most likely, you’ve received a smishing attack …

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Secure Browsing 101

The Internet contains a wide range of threats and knowing how to navigate it safely is critical. It is an essential part of our personal and professional lives and web browsers are our gateway to information. Knowing how to identify malicious links and websites can be the difference between getting hacked or not. In this …

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What is chaos testing?

Chaos testing is the highly disciplined approach to test a system’s integrity by proactively simulating and identifying failures in a given environment before they lead to unplanned downtime or a negative user experience. It can also be defined as a method of testing distributed software that purposely introduces failures and faulty scenarios to verify how …

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Software Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends in 2023

Machine Learning Changing Software Testing One of the first ways we’ve seen machine learning (ML) being used in testing is to make the current automated tests more resilient and brittle. One of the Achilles heels of software testing, mainly when you are testing entire applications and user interfaces rather than discrete modules (called unit testing), …

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